10 of the Biggest MLB Draft Busts of All Time


Steve Chilcott

Steve Chilcott

The MLB draft is a few hours away and I can’t wait to see who my New York Yankees are going to select. I just hope they don’t draft a bust. Speaking of busts, there have been all kinds of draft busts inMLB history. Let’s look at a few.

Here’s a list of 10 of the biggest MLB draft busts of all time:

10. Adam Johnson, RHP, 2000, No. 2 overall, Minnesota Twins -

This guy was a total bust. Johnson finished with a lifetime record of 1-3 and an ERA of over 10. Yikes.

9. Eric Munson, C, 1999, No. 3 overall, Detroit Tigers -

Munson played in nine MLB seasons but never did anything special. He never hit any better than .240 and played mostly as a DH and a first baseman.

8. Bryan Bullington, RHP, 2002, No. 1 overall, Pittsburgh Pirates -

This guy did zilch for the Pirates. He was nothing but hype. The Pittsburgh Pirates have been the worst team in MLB when it comes to the art of the draft.

 7. Shawn Abner, OF, 1984, No.1 overall, New York Mets -

He was billed as a ‘can’t miss prospect,’ but did nothing to back that up. Abner spent six years in the big leagues with three different teams. He ended up with a .227 batting average and a paltry 11 HR’s.

6. Bill Bene, RHP, 1988, No. 5 overall, Los Angeles Dodgers -

Bene is most likely the biggest bust in his era. He had a laser cannon for an arm but lacked the command needed as a starting pitcher. He walked 543 batters in just over 515 IP.

5. Greg Reynolds, RHP, 2006, No. 2 overall, Colorado Rockies -

Reynolds’ lifetime record is 2-8 with an 8.13 ERA. And oh yeah, the three pitchers taken after Reynolds were: Clayton Kershaw, Tim Lincecum, and Max Scherzer.

4. Matt Bush, SS, 2004, No. 1 overall, San Diego Padres -

 Terrible pick. Bush never got out of class A ball and to add insult to injury, Justin Verlander was the next selection in the draft. OUCH!

3. Tito Nanni, 1B/OF, 1978, No. 6 overall, Seattle Mariners -

This chump never made it to the big leagues and is considered one of the worst picks of all time. In his seven year career in the minors he only managed to hit 66 HR with over 2000 plate appearances.

 2. Brien Taylor, LHP, 1991, No. 1 overall, New York Yankees -

As a Yankees fan this pick still makes me want to puke. Taylor hurt his throwing shoulder in a fight and never made a major league appearance.

1. Steve Chilcott, C, 1966, No.1 overall, New York Mets -

 The New York Mets took Chilcott over Reggie Jackson in the 1966 draft which ultimately altered MLB history. Reggie Jackson flourished with my New York Yankees and Chilcott never made it into the majors. Great pick, Mets.

Dylan Davis is a die hard New York Yankees fan who has been rooting for the Bronx Bombers since he was old enough to hold a baseball. His love for the Yankees is only rivaled by his hatred for the Boston Red Sox.





By Dylan Davis | Yahoo! Contributor Network

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