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2014 Chevrolet SS: renderings

2014 Chevrolet SS: renderings

Ford charges up its vehicle electrification group; we think about the looks of the new Chevy SS and did BMW go the extra mile with its July sales?

– Ford is investing big-time in EVs.
– The Chevy SS is on the way.
– And did BMW pad its sales last month? Stick around, we’re going to tell you.

Ford is spending $135 million to design parts for electric vehicles and to test batteries that will go into production this year.

Ford has also added more than 60 engineers in the last year just for EVs, which brings its total headcount to more than 1,000 in that field alone.

Ford wants to reduce the cost of hybrid systems and speed up development time.
That’s the green car report.

But with the Woodward Dream Cruise on the way this weekend, we thought we’d talk performance. This is Autoweek, after all.

And Chevy is hard at work on a new SS model. This would be a rear-wheel-drive sedan based on Holden underpinnings.

Here’s our latest illustration of it, which shows the car looking buff, long, low and athletic.
Stay tuned. We’ll have more spy shots of this modern muscle car as it roars toward production next year.


Source: Youtube

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