Air Canada Plane Makes Emergency Landing


Air Canada Boeing 777

Air Canada Boeing 777

Canadian police said they were investigating reports of “flame debris” falling on cars near Toronto on Monday around the time an Air Canada Boeing 777 with 334 people on board was forced to make an emergency landing at the city’s Pearson Airport.

No one was hurt in the incident, which occurred shortly after the plane took off from Pearson on Monday afternoon, Constable George Tudos of Peel Regional police said.

Air Canada spokeswoman Angela Mah said flight AC001, on route to Narita, Japan, had to make an emergency landing after an engine on the Boeing 777 failed.

She said that prior to landing, the aircraft had to dump fuel, otherwise the plane’s weight may have damaged its landing gear.

Tudos said police had received calls from four people who had “sustained damage to their vehicle as a result of pieces of flame debris falling down from the sky”. The vehicles were on a motorway just west of the airport, he said.

Mah said in an email the “question of debris will be addressed during the investigation”.

The incident comes two months after Air Canada’s aircraft maintenance contractor was forced to shut down in bankruptcy.

The airline, Canada’s biggest, has also been at loggerheads with its machinists’ union. Unable to reach a new contract, and denied from striking by the government, machinists staged wildcat strikes at various Canadian airports in March.


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