Birmingham Airport Closed After Plane Skids Off Runway


Birmingham Airport Closed After Monarch Plane Skids Off Runway

A plane has skidded off the runway at Birmingham airport, causing all flights to be suspended in and out of airport.

The Monarch-chartered flight from Nice over-ran the runway as it touched down.

An airport spokeswoman said the front wheels of the plane left the runway after it landed. No injuries were reported.

Flights were being diverted to Liverpool and East Midlands but the airport has since reopened.

Monarch have confirmed to the BBC that the plane is the same aircraft that caused a 50 hour delay in Tenerife earlier this year after “technical issues.”

The plane landed on the grass

The plane landed on the grass

Passenger Michelle Doyle tweeted: “Just ‘landed’ in Birmingham.

“Plane did a rally slide into the grass after landing. Thanks Monarch!!”

Passengers were picked up by bus and taken back to the airport. The operator of the BHX airport is to send their luggage on later.

Michelle Doyle's view from inside the Monarch plane

Michelle Doyle’s view from inside the Monarch plane

The spokeswoman said: “We can confirm that an incident involving Monarch flight ZB467 arriving from Nice and operated by Aurela Airlines occurred at 13.11 this afternoon.

“Airfield services are assisting the airline crew.

“Flights are currently suspended. More information will be provided as soon as it becomes available.”

Michelle's picture of the Monarch-chartered plane

Michelle’s picture of the Monarch-chartered plane

By PA/Huffington Post UK

Source: Huffingtonpost

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