British Airways pros top tips to traveling with kids

British Airways pros top tips to traveling with kids

British Airways pros top tips to traveling with kids

They’re loads of lists out there (including Cheapflights own) as to how best to travel with children. Here’s another, and what gives it gravitas is that it’s compiled by British Airways’ crewmembers – crewmembers who have their own kids.

Father of two and senior cabin crewmember Justin Cox suggests:

  • If you’re carrying your own car seat for the flight (a father of five, this Cheapflights reporter suggests it for safety sake) that you make sure it adheres to airline requirements.
  • If you’re toting along a kid’s stroller make sure it’s one that will stow easily in the overhead bin. Regular-sized strollers normally have to go in the baggage compartment.
  • Take along your child’s favorite Teddy bear, pillow or blanket. It will help them sleep better. Cheapflights tip: make sure that stuffed animal doesn’t have a metal music box in its belly. It might arouse TSA suspicions and slow you down at the security checkpoint.
  • Pack a bag of goodies for the flight. Kids bet bored and munching helps. I’ve found Cheerios works well.

Ask the flight attendant if your son or daughter can briefly visit the cockpit. No way will they be allowed up there during the flight, but after landing when you’re at the gate there’s usually no problem.

Senior First Officer (co-pilot) and mother of two Carley Lear says, “Children of all ages are very welcome to come to the flight deck [after landing] to meet the pilots…We sometimes have stickers and postcards.” It’s just this sort of exposure at an early age to the wonder that is flight that fires a child’s imagination. You never know where it will take them.


Story by Jerry Chandler

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