Bamboo-Munching Giant Panda Also Has a Sweet Tooth

Giant Panda mother Bai Yun snacks on bamboo at the San Diego Zoo in San Diego, California in this January 10, 2013 file photo. REUTERS/Mike Blake/Files

  WASHINGTON  (Reuters) – Giant pandas eat plenty of veggies, but apparently they like dessert, too. Scientists studying the endangered black-and-white bears said on Thursday that while pandas almost exclusively eat bamboo, which contains only tiny amounts of sugars, they showed a strong preference for natural sweeteners in an experiment. The researchers also examined panda […]

Pelican Learns To Fly (GoPro VIDEO)

Pelican Learns To Fly

  Abandoned by his flock, Bigbird the pelican stumbled ashore after a storm and was taken in by the staff of Greystoke Mahale in Tanzania. Watch as Bigbird learns to fly for the first time. Source:  GoPro Related posts: GoPro STOLEN by a SEAGULL!! – Unique San Francisco Sunset… (VIDEO) Fireman Saves Kitten (GoPro Video) […]

Baby Gorilla Born in Rare C-section (RAW VIDEO)

Baby Gorilla Born in Rare C-section

  An infant gorilla was been delivered by a rare animal Caesarean-section at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park on Wednesday. Source:  AssociatedPress Related posts: Cute Baby Gorilla Celebrates First Birthday at San Diego Zoo (VIDEO) Rare Baby Albino Alligators Go on Display (RAW VIDEO) Rare White Rhino Born At Tel Aviv Zoological Center (GRAPHIC […]

Rabbits On Okunoshima Island Swarm Tourist (VIDEO)

Rabbits On Okunoshima Island Swarm Tourist

  Moments before this video was taken, there were only two rabbits. Just kidding, but it’s not far off. During World War II, eight rabbits were brought to the Japanese island of Okunoshima, where they were used to test mustard gas. Okunoshima is now known as “Rabbit Island,” and tourists just love to feed the many […]

Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial — “Puppy Love” (VIDEO)

Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial -- 'Puppy Love'

  Watch Budweiser’s Super Bowl XLVIII commercial following the special friendship between the Clydesdales and a puppy. #BestBuds Source: budweiser Related posts: Puppy Exhausts Mom | Too Cute! (VIDEO) WATCH: Husky Puppy, Demon, Practices Adorable Howl (VIDEO) HARBOWL! – SUPER BOWL SET: Brother vs. Brother… Super Typhoon Rips Through Philippines (VIDEO) Philippines: Super Typhoon Death […]

Rare Baby Albino Alligators Go on Display (RAW VIDEO)

Rare Baby Albino Alligators Go on Display

  Two extremely rare residents, a pair of baby albino alligators, were put on public display for the first time at their new Paris home on Thursday. Source:  AssociatedPress Related posts: Rare Albino Lion Cubs (VIDEO) Zoo Shows Off Rare White Tiger Cubs (Raw Video) Baby Boom at British Zoo (Raw Video) Chicago Aquarium’s New […]

Distraction: Kitty Cleans Tiny Human (VIDEO)

Kitty cleans tiny human

  A toddler named Hazel snuggles with her kitty and sometimes she gets groomed too. Source:  CNNInternational Related posts: Hairless Kitty Bath | Too Cute! (VIDEO) A Closer Look Inside Hello Kitty Airlines Tiny Great Danes | Too Cute! (VIDEO) Distraction: Slow Loris Eats a Rice Ball (VIDEO) Meave Leakey: Piecing Together Human Ancestors – […]

Conjoined Whales Discovered, Dead (RAW VIDEO)

Conjoined Whales Discovered, Dead

  Rare conjoined grey whale calves were discovered on Monday in a Mexican Lagoon. This could be the first documented case of its kind. Source:  AssociatedPress Related posts: Once-Conjoined Twins Make Public Debut (VIDEO) Coast Guard Rescues 2 Walrus Calves (Raw Video) Whales Trapped Under Ice in Canada (Raw Video) Stranded Pilot Whales on Florida […]

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