Corgi’s Love For His New Baby Sister Knows No Bounds

First meet-and-greet. (Photo Credit Imgur)

  Despite strong evidence to the contrary, dog-parents who decide to become actual baby-parents continue to have concerns about how their canine pals will react to a tiny human. These photos, posted by dad Chris Lowe on Reddit, prove that the only thing you really need to fear in this scenario is cuteness overload (and possibly worldwide fame). Without further ado, please meet Wilbur, a […]

Sticky Octopus (VIDEO)

Sticky Octopus

  A scuba diver is caught in the death grip of a Giant Pacific Octopus. Source:  National Geographic Related posts: National Geographic Magazine’s Photos of the Year 2012 (VIDEO) Doomsday Delayed? New Maya Calendar Unearthed (VIDEO) 14-year-old Texan Wins National Geographic Bee (VIDEO) National Geographic Live! : Robert Ballard: Restore the Titanic (VIDEO) Strange Sunfish […]

Bull In The Stands (VIDEO)

Bull in the Stands

  If you were in an arena and a bull jumped into the stands, what would you do? Source:  National Geographic Related posts: Mississippi Man Stands by Alien Abduction Claim (VIDEO) Conquering a 128ft Waterfall – Red Bull Chasing Waterfalls Veracruz (VIDEO) Kart Race in Texas – Red Bull Kart Fight 2012 USA (VIDEO) The […]

Portland’s Baby River Otter Pup (RAW VIDEO)

Portland's Baby River Otter Pup

  The Portland Zoo is showing off a new 6-week-old river otter pup. The pup is called Zigzag, or ziggy for short – named after the 12-mile-long Sandy River tributary. Source:  AssociatedPress Related posts: WATCH: Baby Sea Otter Does What We All Want To Do (VIDEO) Playful Pup Meets Crab on Beach (Raw Video) Baby […]

Endangered Species of Turtle Hatches In Brooklyn (WSJ Animals VIDEO)

Endangered Species of Turtle Hatches In Brooklyn

  Five Chinese big-headed turtles, an endangered species, hatched in November at the Prospect Park Zoo in Brooklyn, N.Y. It is one of the first times this breed has reproduced at an American zoo. Photo: Wildlife Conservation Society. Source:  WSJDigitalNetwork Related posts: Two-headed Turtle Hatches at San Antonio Zoo (VIDEO) Airport upgrade for the birds? […]

A Homeless Dog Living In A Trash Pile Gets Rescued And Then Does Something Amazing! (VIDEO)

A homeless dog living in a trash pile gets rescued, and then does something amazing

  Please make a small donation to Hope For Paws and help us start 2014 strong with many more rescues. A $5 donation from many people would make all the difference to so many animals: Hope For Paws took care of Miley’s vet care, but she is now fostered by our friends from The […]

Dogs Imitate Baby’s Crawl, Don’t Realize They’re Dogs (VIDEO)

Dogs Imitate Baby's Crawl, Don't Realize They're Dogs

  Adopted Alaskan Malamutes, Brown Sugar and Rice Candy, are either having species confusion or just want to give their little buddy some support. The mother of the baby, nicknamed Maple Syrup, told ET Today that this video was meant to remind viewers that pets and babies can be best friends. (Of course, we already knew that.) She calls the […]

Vicious Turtle on the Loose in Germany? (VIDEO)

Vicious Turtle on the Loose in Germany?

  A snapping turtle similar to this one is suspected of having bitten a swimming boy in Irsee, Germany, sparking a media frenzy. WSJ’s Anton Troianovski reports. Photo: Getty Images. Source:  WSJDigitalNetwork Related posts: Two-headed Turtle Hatches at San Antonio Zoo (VIDEO) Rescued Giant Turtle Released (Raw Video) American Grounds Eight Planes After Loose Seats […]

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