Giant Tarantula Discovered: Venomous Sri Lankan Spider Threatened By Deforestation

Giant Tarantula Discovered: Venomous Sri Lankan Spider Threatened By Deforestation (Photo credit: Ranil Nanayakkara)

  It’s huge, fast, venomous and the size of a human face. For some, Poecilotheria rajaei, a giant tarantula discovered recently in Sri Lanka, is the stuff of nightmares. But for wildlife advocates, the spider might represent another cause for conservation: The tree-dwelling spider is threatened by habitat destruction. “They are quite rare,” Ranil Nanayakkara, co-founder […]

Kitten Dances In Its Sleep (VIDEO)

Kitten Dances In Its Sleep

  This kitty is just a newborn, but he has dreams of becoming a dancer. No, seriously. We figure he must be dreaming of the Riverdance! And it totally says something about his future as a performer if he can rustle up a crowd of 75,000 viewers in his sleep. Check it out. Tail solo […]

Bulldog Sings Along With Luciano Pavarotti (VIDEO)

Bulldog Sings Along With Luciano Pavarotti

  This video is from 2007 but somehow miraculously hadn’t started to go viral until now. Just goes to show, some dogs are ahead of their time. This bulldog, singing along with the late, great Luciano Pavarotti, is one of those dogs. If this doesn’t make your day, you have no heart. Via Tastefully Offensive […]

Sandy Damaged NY Aquarium to Reopen in Spring (VIDEO)

Sandy Damaged NY Aquarium to Reopen in Spring

  The New York Aquarium was dealt a shattering blow by Superstorm Sandy. The Coney Island home of thousands of animals is set to partially reopen in late spring. Source: AssociatedPress Related posts: Statue Of Liberty To Reopen July 4 After Repairing Damages Brought On By Hurricane Sandy Aquarium Aims to Become Coney Island Icon (VIDEO) […]

Tiny Great Danes | Too Cute! (VIDEO)

Tiny Great Danes

  Although they will eventually grow into a great size, these great dane puppies are so tiny at birth that they struggle with every move and need their mom to assist. Source: Animal Planet Related posts: ShowBiz Minute: Danes, Ocean, Royals (VIDEO) Puppy Exhausts Mom | Too Cute! (VIDEO) Prehistoric Tiny Bugs Found Trapped in Amber […]

Sea Lamprey Photo? Scary Creature Pulled From New Jersey River (PHOTO)

Photo of the sea lamprey [via Reddit]

  When it comes to stocking up on material for nightmares, it’s hard to beat this photo of what appears to be a monstrous sea lamprey. Reddit user jlitch uploaded the picture in mid-February with the deceptively innocent tagline, “Friend… caught this fishing in NJ.” According to a set Facebook photos, this eellike creature was caught in the Raritan […]

Suprisingly Squeaky Frog Caught On Video

Suprisingly Squeaky Frog Caught On Video

  (ROUGH CUT: NO REPORTER NARRATION) STORY: The vocal Namaqua Rain Frog has gained internet notoriety – for it’s squeak. The tiny amphibian measures less than 5cm in length and is a burrowing frog. It spends most of its time underground and does not inhabit water. This particular squeaky frog was caught on film in […]

Hairless Kitty Bath | Too Cute! (VIDEO)

Hairless Kitty Bath

  Hairless kittens look less than amused during a bath en masse. Source: Animal Planet Related posts: A Closer Look Inside Hello Kitty Airlines Shar-Pei Puppies | Too Cute! (VIDEO) Bentley The Grumpy Bulldog: Cute/Ridiculous Animal Thing Of The Day (VIDEO) Dalmatians Cause Destruction | Too Cute! (VIDEO) Toygers on the Prowl | Too Cute! (VIDEO) […]

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