12 Guy Trips You’ll Never Forget

Climb Pacaya

  1. Hang from Toronto’s CN Tower For acrophobiacs in need of curing their fear, one of the ultimate solutions has to be EdgeWalk—a terrifying “walk” on the I’m-gonna-to-die edge of the ledge of the 1, 800ft-tall CN Tower in Canada. Towering that high (1,168 feet/356m for the EdgeWalk platform) over the grand Toronto harbor, the CN Tower is the world’s […]

4 Best Travel Sites for Cheap Tickets

Kayak is a travel search aggregator, scouring over 140 sites to bring you the cheapest fares it can find.

  If you’ve got travel plans for the upcoming holiday season, the time to book your tickets is now. The question is, where can you find tickets cheap enough to offset the extra $40 you’ll have to spend to check your bags and enjoy a snack on your six-hour flight. 1. Kayak Kayak is a travel search aggregator, […]

The Goddess Who Fulfils the Wishes: Manakamana

Manakamana Temple at Gorkha District Nepal - Sky Today

  Manakamana is the name of a Hindu Goddess. It is believed that the Goddess fulfils the wishes of the people. The term ‘mana’ means the ‘heart’ or ‘soul’ and ‘kamana’ means the ‘wish’. The most popular temple of Manakamana is in Gorkha. The others are in various places like manakamana. It is said that a King […]

The World’s Top 10 Low-tax Destinations

Belize - Sky Today

  From a hidden country on the Italian Peninsula to Central America’s only official English speaking Island to the historical state where the United States Constitution was put into effect, these one-of-a-kind, tax-friendly holiday destinations are a perfect option for those looking to spend wisely. 1. Andorra Nestled within the eastern Pyrenees Mountains between France and […]

5 Hotels For Modern Mad Men

The Thompson LES Hotel New York (Photo GAILE) - Sky Today

  The style, sexiness, and glamor of Don Draper and his lifestyle are quickly becoming a mainstay of popular culture. But even though Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce may be a fictional agency, the advertising industry of the real world still has an allure (now partly fueled by the show, of course) for its sleek tendencies […]

10 Amazing Alien-Like Places on Our World that are from Another Planet

PAMUKKALE WATER TERRACES Denizli, Turkey - Sky Today

  We have convinced ourselves that we know what our Earth looks like. Normally we do not look beyond the seas, mountains, land, and deserts. But what we fail to notice is that there are numerous places on Earth that defy our notion of the typical Earthly landscape. If you visited these places, you would […]

The Ghosts Of Brownsville’s Young Lovers

4. The Ghosts Of Brownsville's Young Lovers - Sky Today

  Over the years, Brownsville, PA has become somewhat of a legendary destination for those who document the rise and fall of the Rust Belt. Brownsville was a major railroad yard and coking center up through the first half of the 20th century, with its population peaking in 1940 at around 8,000. Like many early […]

Rio de Janeiro Christ the Redeemer Statue – 5 Amazing Facts

Rio de Janeiro Christ the Redeemer Statue - 5 Amazing Facts - Sky Today

  The famous Rio de Janeiro Christ the Redeemer statue is the face of this amazing city. This breath taking masterpiece overlooking Rio has been admired and visited by millions of people since it was first built in 1931. The Rio de Janeiro Christ the Redeemer statue is one of the most significant land marks […]

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