Solving the Rubik’s Cube (VIDEO)

Solving the Rubik's Cube

  In 1981, a 12 year old boy dissects the Rubik’s Cube and writes a best selling book on how to solve it. Source: NationalGeographic Related posts: Boeing 747, Qantas, Vh-ojh Incident 23 September 1999, Repair (Safety) New Image Could Help Solve 30-year-old Cold Case (VIDEO) I Didn’t Know That : Cameras Then and Now (VIDEO) […]

Crazy Trick Using Sorcery (VIDEO)

Crazy Trick Using Sorcery

  Or troll science… one or the other… Source: EverthingDopeChannel Related posts: Mars Landing Not a Crazy Concept but Risky: Program Director (VIDEO) Hard Enduro Trick Tips w/ Taddy Blazusiak 2013 (VIDEO) Virginia Trick Play Fail: Phillip Sims Drops Touchdown Pass Against N.C. State (VIDEO) Crazy Bike Rides in Peru’s Mountains (Videos) makes it a […]

Richard Griffiths Dead: ‘Harry Potter’ Actor Dies At 65

Richard Griffiths Dead: 'Harry Potter' Actor Dies At 65

  LONDON — Richard Griffiths was one of the great British stage actors of his generation, a heavy man with a light touch, whether in Shakespeare or Neil Simon. But for millions of movie fans, he will always be grumpy Uncle Vernon, the least magical of characters in the fantastical “Harry Potter” movies. Griffiths died […]

Jenna Jameson’s Jumpsuit Is A Sight To Behold (PHOTOS)

Jenna Jameson's Jumpsuit Is A Sight To Behold

  Last time we saw Jenna Jameson, we were pleasantly surprised shocked: The adult film star walked the Grammys red carpet wearing a classy, long-sleeved gown — with a high neckline, no less. But this weekend Jameson returned to form, you could say, in a more NSFW-ish outfit. The 38-year-old celebrated her upcoming birthday in Las Vegas wearing a skintight […]

‘Bioshock Infinite’: A Game Ayn Rand Would Master (VIDEO)

'Bioshock Infinite': A Game Ayn Rand Would Master

  Conor Dougherty joins Lunch Break with a look at one of the biggest videogame launches of the year: “Bioshock 3. “The series’ newest installment, “Bioshock Infinite,” takes on American exceptionalism. Source: WSJDigitalNetwork Related posts: Felix Hernandez Throws a Perfect Game – Is It Getting Too Easy? (VIDEO) Robot is Unbeatable at Rock Paper Scissors Game […]

Tarology : The Art of Tarot – Official Trailer (VIDEO)

Tarology : The Art of Tarot - Official Trailer

  Enrique Enriquez is a controversial thinker in tarot world; he does not believe in spirits, the supernatural or in anything mystical. Enrique’s approach to tarot cards is purely visual and poetic yet within this framework he creates beautiful and inspired readings. His work work with the Marseilles Tarot breaks new ground both intellectually and […]

James Herbert Dead: Horror Author Dies At 69

James Herbert Dead: Horror Author Dies At 69

  LONDON — He was a “Grand Master” of horror and rats were one of his specialties. British horror writer James Herbert, whose best-selling spine-tinglers included “The Rats” and “The Fog,” has died at age 69. Herbert’s publisher, Pan Macmillan, said he died Wednesday at his home in Sussex, southern England. It did not disclose […]

Jason Molina Dead: Indie Singer Dies Of Organ Failure At Age 39

Jason Molina Dead: Indie Singer Dies Of Organ Failure At Age 39

  Singer-songwriter Jason Molina died on March 16, at the age of 39. The lead singer of the bands Songs: Ohia and Magnolia Electric Co., died from organ failure resulting from alcohol consumption, reports Rolling Stone. The Ohio-born musician had been performing under various names since 1995, but was absent from the public eye since 2009, when […]

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