Removing Mold May Reduce Adult Asthma Risk

Removing mold may reduce adult asthma risk

  NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Mold exposure in the home raises the risk of asthma symptoms in middle age, according to a new study from Australia. The more mold participants reported having seen in their homes, the greater their asthma symptoms, researchers found. Men were especially vulnerable with a four-fold increase in the odds of […]

Simple Blood Test Could Revolutionize Schizophrenia Diagnosis (VIDEO)

Simple Blood Test Could Revolutionize Schizophrenia Diagnosis

  An inexpensive blood test to diagnose schizophrenia could be made available within two years, offering a groundbreaking alternative to conventional methods that rely on conversations between patients and doctors. Schizophrenia is a serious mental illness that is difficult to detect, but the blood test promises to identify the disease in 83 percent of cases. […]

Study Suggests Kids Should Unplug Before Sleep

Study Suggests Kids Should Unplug Before Sleep (Photo Per Breiehagen via Getty Images)

  NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Kids who regularly plugged into social networking sites before bedtime reported sleeping nearly an hour less on school nights than those who rarely connected online, a new study shows. “Using technology in the bedroom may result in sleep loss, delays in initiating sleep, daytime sleepiness and more,” the study’s lead […]

Dear ‘Daddy’ In Seat 16C

Dear 'Daddy' in Seat 16C

  Dear “Daddy,” I don’t know your name, but Kate called you “daddy” for the entire flight last week and you kindly never corrected her. In fact, you didn’t even flinch as you could probably tell that she was not confusing you with her own “daddy,” but instead making a judgment regarding your level of “safety” for […]

A Breakthrough In The Fight Against Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer's disease starting in the entorhinal cortex (yellow). Brain scans showed how the disease spreads from this area to other cortical regions (red)

  Alzheimer’s Brain Region Identified Where Disease Begins Scientists have pinpointed a specific part of the brain where Alzheimer’s begins and traced how the disease spreads. High resolution brain scans of 96 healthy adults over the age of 65 revealed the first footprint of Alzheimer’s in a dozen individuals who went on to experience symptoms. […]

FDA: Antibacterial Soaps May Pose Health Risks (VIDEO)

FDA: Antibacterial Soaps May Pose Health Risks

  The FDA says chemicals in many antibacterial soaps thought to fight germs may pose health risks. The agency proposed new rules for the makers of such cleansers to prove they work better than plain soap and water. Source:  AssociatedPress Related posts: FDA Warns On Vitamin Supplement Containing Steroids, Cites Risks Windows 8 Could Pose […]

Acupuncture Could Help In The Dentist’s Chair

Acupuncture could help in the dentist's chair

  NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Acupuncture may provide relief for dental patients who reflexively gag during procedures like teeth impressions, according to Italian researchers. Up to 20 percent of the U.S. population has severe anxiety at the dentist’s office. People who cannot help their gag reflex may unintentionally deprive themselves of the best dental care, […]

Eating Nuts Tied To Fewer Cancer, Heart Disease Deaths

Eating Nuts Tied To Fewer Cancer, Heart Disease Deaths

  NEW YORK  (Reuters Health) – People who eat a diet rich in nuts, including peanuts, are less likely to die from heart disease or cancer, new research suggests. The more nuts consumed, the greater the apparent benefit, according to the report. It included data from nurses and other health professionals who have been tracked […]

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