Nearly 30% of World Population Is Overweight (VIDEO)

Nearly 30% of World Population Is Overweight

    About 29% of the world’s population were either overweight or obese in 2013, and nearly two out of three of the obese live in developing countries, according to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. Marie Ng, lead author on the study, joins the News Hub with Sara Murray. Source:  WSJDigitalNetwork Related posts: […]

Brain Activity Changes Seen After Chemo

Brain Activity Changes Seen After Chemo

  NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – For some women with breast cancer, changes in brain activity while multitasking could explain “chemo brain” – reduced mental functioning that many experience after chemotherapy, Belgian researchers say.  “Cognitive complaints of people increase with chemotherapy and we are trying to find out why,” said Sabine Deprez, who led the new […]

Newborns of Heavy Mothers at Risk for Breathing Problems

Newborns of Heavy Mothers at Risk for Breathing Problems

  NEW YORK  (Reuters Health) – Babies of overweight and obese mothers are more likely to have oxygen-deprivation problems at birth, according to a new study.  The heavier a woman is, the greater the risks to her newborn, researchers found.  “Maternal obesity is associated with a number of complications during pregnancy and delivery, but the underlying […]

Scientists Warn of Dengue Fever Risk During Brazil’s World Cup

Scientists Warn of Dengue Fever Risk During Brazil's World Cup

  LONDON (Reuters) – The risk of an outbreak of dengue fever during the upcoming soccer World Cup in Brazil is serious enough to warrant a high alert in three of the 12 host cities, according to an early warning system for the disease. Scientists who developed the system said the overall threat of the disease […]

The Key To Living Longer

The Key To Living Longer (Getty Images/Cultura RF)

  Sense Of Purpose Adds Years To Your Life, Study Finds What’s the key to long life? Is it clean living? Lots of exercise? An abundance of vegetables? Actually, the key to long life may be something a bit more intangible: a sense of purpose. Researchers studying longevity say those who feel a sense of purpose […]

Summer Survival Tips for the Great Outdoors (VIDEO)

Summer Survival Tips for the Great Outdoors

  The hint of warm weather is making many people itchy to get outside. But how can you avoid the pain that comes from allergies, tick bites and poison ivy? Dr. Clifford Bassett, medical director at Asthma and Allergy Care NY, has the answers on Lunch Break. Photo: Getty Source:  WSJDigitalNetwork Related posts: Is It […]

First U.S. Case of Deadly MERS Virus Confirmed: CDC

The Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) coronavirus is seen in an undated transmission electron micrograph from the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). CREDIT: REUTERS/NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR ALLERGY AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES/HANDOUT VIA REUTERS

  (Reuters) – A healthcare worker who had traveled to Saudi Arabia was confirmed as the first U.S. case of Middle East Respiratory Virus (MERS), an often fatal illness, raising new concerns about the rapid spread of such diseases, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Friday. The male patient traveled via […]

Removing Mold May Reduce Adult Asthma Risk

Removing mold may reduce adult asthma risk

  NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Mold exposure in the home raises the risk of asthma symptoms in middle age, according to a new study from Australia. The more mold participants reported having seen in their homes, the greater their asthma symptoms, researchers found. Men were especially vulnerable with a four-fold increase in the odds of […]

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