Mount Etna Erupts

Smoke billows during an eruption of Mount Etna volcano as seen from the village of Viagrande, near the Sicilian town of Catania, Italy, Saturday, Oct. 26, 2013. (AP Photo:Carmelo Imbesi) | AP

  Mount Etna Eruption 2013: Europe’s Most Active Volcano Spews Lava In Italy, Forcing Airspace To Briefly Close ROME — ROME (AP) — Mount Etna, Europe’s most active volcano, has erupted, sending up a towering plume of ash visible in much of eastern Sicily. Etna’s eruptions aren’t infrequent, although the last major one occurred in […]

Elemental Iceland ( Stunning Time-Lapse Video)

Elemental Iceland

  Photographer Stian Rekdal combined thousands of photos to create this time-lapse video showcasing Iceland’s natural beauty. He spent three weeks—and more than 3,000 miles—on the road and took more than 40,000 photos. He used about 3,500 of these to make the video. Source: NationalGeographic Related posts: WATCH: Iceland In Time Lapse Will Blow Your Mind […]

Northern Lights Put on Show Over Minnesota (Raw Video)

Northern Lights Put on Show Over Minnesota

  The Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, were spotted over St. Cloud, Minnesota late Tuesday night. A freelance videographer captured the light show in the town of St. Cloud. Source:  AssociatedPress Related posts: Truck Slams Into Minnesota Bar (Raw Video) Deadly Explosion at Minnesota Paper Mill (Raw Video) Powerful Quake in Northern Italy (Raw Video) […]

The Most Extreme Weather & Disasters in September 2013 (VIDEO)

The Most Extreme Weather & Disasters in September (Photo Tony Burt)

  A man barely escapes a California fire, the Jersey Shore burns during recovery from Sandy, Tuesday’s Pakistan quake, extreme lightning over New Zealand, and more. See the most extreme weather and natural disasters this past month. (Photo: Darren Smith) Source:  WSJDigitalNetwork Related posts: Nobel Prize-Winner Reveals What Has Caused Extreme Global Weather Cold Weather […]

Images Help Scientists Track Coral Reefs (VIDEO)

Images help scientists track coral reefs

  It’s like Google Street View underwater! Amazing images of coral reefs are helping scientists study climate change. Source:  CNNInternational Related posts: Explore the Ocean with Google Maps (VIDEO) Google May Stop Using ‘Cookies’ to Track Web Users (VIDEO) Hungarian Scientists Discover Remains of First Freshwater ‘Mosasaur’, an Ancient Lizard (VIDEO) Tilting Televisions Offer Genuine […]

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Rainbows

7 Things You Didn't Know About Rainbows

  Two People Never See The Same Rainbow–And 6 More Amazing Facts About The Optical Phenomenon Think you learned everything there is to know about rainbows back in grade school? Think again. Yes, a rainbow occurs when light passes through water droplets in the atmosphere, and the bending of light results in the familiar arc-shaped spectrum. But […]

UN Climate Change Report Draft Warns Of 3 Foot Sea Level Rise By 2100


  A leaked draft of the U.N.’s next major climate change report warns that global sea levels could rise more than three feet by the end of the century if greenhouse emissions continue unabated, The New York Times reported Monday. The Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change (IPCC) report is also more confident that human activities, like the […]

WATCH: What You Don’t Know About Life At The Bottom Of The Ocean (VIDEO)

What You Don't Know About Life At The Bottom Of The Ocean

  I had the privilege of spending a few days with Jim Cameron recently. Most people know Jim as the person who created the two highest grossing films (Avatar and Titanic) in Hollywood history. Few know him as a recognized leader in ocean exploration and a true ocean champion. Among other things, he’s earned that reputation by […]

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