Man V Storm (VIDEO)

Man V Storm

  An intense storm slams into the shores of Massachusetts, but there are a few brave enough to dare risk their lives – the bluefin tuna fishermen. Source: NationalGeographic Related posts: Storm Surge (VIDEO) I Didn’t Know That : Man Lights Himself on Fire (VIDEO) First Lady Dances Up a Storm on ‘Fallon’ (VIDEO) Tropical Storm […]

‘SNO ANGEL – Mother Nature Takes A Downright Devious Turn

'SNO ANGEL - Mother Nature Takes A Downright Devious Turn

  Snow Storm To Hit Ontario, Quebec; Up To 25 Centimetres In Montreal March came in like a lion, but there’s no sign of the lamb as a big winter storm is forecast to barrel into southern Quebec and drop up to 25 centimetres of snow on the Montreal region. Much of Ontario will get […]

On Assignment: Capturing the Birth of a Lightning Bolt (VIDEO)

On Assignment: Capturing the Birth of a Lightning Bolt

  Using one of the world’s fastest cameras, a National Geographic explorer attempts the nearly impossible — photographing the birth of a lightning bolt. Source: NationalGeographic Related posts: LIGHTNING BOLT: USAIN DOES IT AGAIN (VIDEO) Birth of Voodoo (VIDEO) Usain Bolt’s New Olympic Record (VIDEO) Capturing the Ultimate Wingsuit Shot (VIDEO) Inside a Baseball-Sized Hailstorm (VIDEO) […]

Amazon Adventure—Documenting Life in Ecuador’s Yasuní National Park (VIDEO)

Amazon Adventure—Documenting Life in Ecuador's Yasuní National Park

  Ecuador’s Yasuní Park is one of the Amazon’s last wild frontiers, boasting an incredible biodiversity—treetop orchids, prowling jaguars, nearly 600 species of birds—and serving as home for two indigenous nations. But a vast untapped oil supply beneath the forest floor is attracting the attention of multinational oil companies. National Geographic sent a team of […]

Russian Volcano Erupts (VIDEO)

Russian Volcano Erupts

  A volcano which started erupting in far east Russia late last month continued to spew plumes of ash and smoke into the air, Russian authorities said on Wednesday. Photo: AP Images. Source: Youtube/ WSJDigitalNetwork Related posts: Mexico Volcano Spews Ash and Smoke (Raw Video) Volcano Erupts in Guatemala (Raw Video) Kamchatka volcano erupts in Russia […]

‘CLIMATE FISCAL CLIFF’ – 2012 UN Climate Talks In Doha, Qatar Face Multiple Challenges

'CLIMATE FISCAL CLIFF' - 2012 UN Climate Talks In Doha, Qatar Face Multiple Challenges

  DOHA, Qatar (AP) — As nearly 200 countries meet in oil-and-gas-rich Qatar for annual talks starting Monday on slowing global warming, one of the main challenges will be raising climate aid for poor countries at a time when budgets are strained by financial turmoil. Rich countries have delivered nearly $30 billion in grants and […]

Antarctic Sees Record Growth in Sea Ice (VIDEO)

Antarctic Sees Record Growth in Sea Ice

  Northward winds are driving the record growth of winter sea ice around Antarctica, which stands in contrast to the extensive melting of the Arctic sea ice in recent years. Robert Lee Hotz has details on Lunch Break. Photo: Getty Images. Source: Youtube/  WSJDigitalNetwork Related posts: Arctic Cyclone Breaks Up Sea Ice / NASA (VIDEO) […]

Paragliding Above Extreme Desert Sands (VIDEO)

Paragliding Above Extreme Desert Sands

  Watch as photographer George Steinmetz sails above the dunes of the world’s most extreme deserts in his paraglider and captures captivating images of the beautiful landscapes below. Source: Youtube/  NationalGeographic Related posts: Extreme House Cleaning (VIDEO) Extreme Sports in HD (VIDEO) Amazing and Extreme Sport Moments (VIDEO) Pogo Athletes Building Brand New Extreme Sport […]

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