‘Female’ Hurricanes More Dangerous Than ‘Male’ Ones, New Study Shows!

‘Female’ Hurricanes More Dangerous Than ‘Male’ Ones, New Study Shows!

    Unbelievable as it may sound, female-names hurricanes are reportedly more dangerous than male-named hurricanes. Hurricances have gender? Uh-oh, no! Actually,  a study posited that the gender of the names of hurricanes may have impacted on people’s perception of the danger posed by the storms in question. They say that people tend to think of female-named […]

Morgan Freeman: ‘Time Didn’t Start Until After Life Began On Earth’

Morgan Freeman: 'Time Didn't Start Until After Life Began On Earth'

  Do you ever wonder if poverty is genetic or whether the ocean actually thinks? Morgan Freeman thinks about these things a lot. He doesn’t just ask, “When did time begin?” as many of us do. He considers time and wonders, “Does it even exist?” “I don’t think time started until after life began on […]

Dragon Cargo Ship Departs ISS (RAW VIDEO)

Dragon Cargo Ship Departs ISS

  The SpaceX Dragon was released from the International Space Station on Sunday morning for its return to Earth with 3,500 pounds of science experiments and old equipment Source:  AssociatedPress Related posts: Dragon Arrives at Space Station (Raw Video) SpaceX Dragon Leaves Space Station (Raw Video) Dragon Launches on Historic Mission to the ISS on […]

Scientists Warn About Glacier Melt (VIDEO)

Scientists Warn About Glacier Melt

  Six rapidly melting glaciers in Antarctica are destabilizing one of the world’s largest ice sheets, a process which, if unchecked, could release enough water to raise sea levels world-wide significantly. NASA climatologist Drew Shindell explains the impact on the News Hub. Source:  WSJDigitalNetwork Related posts: Unprecedented Melt Stuns Scientists NASA Video Debunks End of […]

New World’s Oldest Human Skeleton Found in Mexico (VIDEO)

New World's Oldest Human Skeleton Found in Mexico

  Scientists have found what they believe is the oldest nearly complete, genetically intact human skeleton in the Americas within a flooded cave in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. WSJ’s Robert Lee Hotz reports. Photo: Paul Nicklen/National Geographic Source:  WSJDigitalNetwork Related posts: Skull Find Suggests Single Human Species Left Africa (VIDEO) Inside One of the World’s Oldest […]

New Discovery ‘Blows Lid Off’ Old Stonehenge Theories

Stonehenge Discovery 'Blows Lid Off' Old Theories About Builders Of Ancient Monument

  Stonehenge Discovery ‘Blows Lid Off’ Old Theories About Builders Of Ancient Monument  From who built it to what it was used for, Stonehenge is surrounded by many enduring mysteries — and researchers from the University of Buckingham in England now say they’ve solved one of them. “For years people have been asking why is Stonehenge where it […]

WATCH: You Won’t See The World The Same Way After This (VIDEO)

Mind-Blowing Images Show What's Right In Front Of You Each Day... But You Never See

WATCH: Mind-Blowing Images Show What’s Right In Front Of You Each Day… But You Never See Life goes by too fast. Or is it actually too slow? Filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg uses time-lapse technology to show us unseen dimensions of life as we know it, from ocean currents to dragonfly wings. You’ll never look at the […]

Jupiter’s Moon Ganymede May Have ‘Club Sandwich’ Layers of Ocean

This artist's concept of Jupiter's moon Ganymede, the largest moon in the solar system, illustrates the ''club sandwich'' model of its interior oceans. CREDIT: REUTERS/NASA/JPL-CALTECH/HANDOUT

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – As club sandwiches go, this undoubtedly is the biggest one in the solar system. Scientists said on Friday that Jupiter’s moon Ganymede may possess ice and liquid oceans stacked up in several layers much like the popular multilayered sandwich. They added that this arrangement may raise the chances that this distant […]

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