Disaster-Tracker Apps You Need to Download (VIDEO)

Disaster-Tracker Apps You Need to Download

  If you want to know the path of a typhoon, the location of an earthquake or road closures from major floods, then check out iTyphoon and Disaster Alert – smartphone apps that alert you to potential danger. The WSJ’s Ramy Inocencio reports. Source:  WSJDigitalNetwork Related posts: Three Apps for Spreading Holiday Cheer (VIDEO) Apple’s […]

Google’s E-Tattoo: The Future of Wearable Tech? (VIDEO)

Google's E-Tattoo: The Future of Wearable Tech?

  Google filed a patent for a wearable electronic skin tattoo. Will this idea revolutionize how we interact with technology? Ryan Pamplin, BrandAds co-founder, joins digits. Photo: pdfaiw.gov. Source:  WSJDigitalNetwork Related posts: Apple iGlasses Could Be In Your Future Full-Body Tattoo Taboo? (VIDEO) 3 Tech Trends for 2013 (VIDEO) High-Tech Airport Terminals: Is Mobile Boarding […]

Man Circles Mount Fuji Like A Bird (VIDEO)

Man Circles Mount Fuji Like A Bird

  Plunging into the skies of Japan, Yves Rossy, known as Jetman, streaked through the clouds by the country’s famous Mount Fuji. It was the latest locale for the former 54 year-old Swiss pilot who has dedicated 10 years to his passion of flying in the most natural way possible. What would be terrifying for […]

Five Cars the Richest Americans Are Buying | Luxury Cars (VIDEO)

Five Cars the Richest Americans Are Buying | Luxury Cars

  Which cars are the most popular among residents in the 25 wealthiest zip codes in the U.S.? MarketWatch’s Jim Jelter says it may come as a surprise, but the most affluent buyers aren’t shelling out for Bentleys or Ferraris. Source:  WSJDigitalNetwork Related posts: Gifts for the Super-Rich: Speakers to Luxury Cars (VIDEO) Luxury Homes […]

Apple To Open Manufacturing Plant In Arizona

Apple's new iPhone 5S is displayed at an Apple shop in Tokyo's Ginza shopping district, September 20, 2013. Credit: Reuters/Yuya Shino

  (Reuters) – Apple Inc will open a manufacturing facility in Arizona in partnership with mineral crystal specialist GT Advanced Technologies Inc to make sapphire materials for Apple’s popular electronics devices. The project will provide 700 manufacturing jobs in the first year and 1,300 construction and associated jobs in Mesa, Arizona, according to a statement […]

LedStore™ International Limited: Munich Trade Fair Exhibition Panorama

Munich Trade Fair Exhibition Panorama (Photo Credit LedStore Int Ltd)

  From 8th to 11th October in 2013, Munich Trade Fair hosted the Inter Airport Europe 2013 International Exhibition and trade fairs, is now the 19th time . Our company, LedStore ™ International Limited , by director Robert Demeter , contractors and strategic partners , the PCT Electrical Ltd, represented by Executive Director Louis Tőkési […]

Picking The 2013 Best Driver’s Car! (VIDEO)

Picking the 2013 Best Driver's Car!

  This is it! Come ride shotgun with Motor Trend’s Angus MacKenzie, Carlos Lago and famed race car driver Randy Pobst as they test twelve of the most exciting, high-performance vehicles in the world in search of Motor Trend’s 2013 Best Driver’s Car Powered by Mobil 1. Follow along as the competition heads first to […]

Volvo Trucks – The Hamster Stunt (Live Test 2 VIDEO)

Volvo Trucks - The Hamster Stunt

  Can a hamster drive a 15-tonne truck? Watch cute little Charlie steer a brand new Volvo FMX in a rough quarry. Will he make it to the top? Source:  VolvoTrucks Related posts: Volvo Trucks – The Ballerina Stunt (Live Test 1 VIDEO) Two Trucks Go Over Cliff in Norway (Raw Video) Aaron Colton’s Stunt […]

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