China Airlines launch e-baggage delivery system


China Airlines launch e-baggage delivery system  - Photo (CNA)

China Airlines launch e-baggage delivery system - Photo (CNA)

By TWN, The China Post news staff

The China Post news staff–China Airlines (CAL), Taiwan’s largest air carrier, yesterday inaugurated new service counters at the Taipei Songshan Airport, allowing passengers to handle luggage delivery on their own.

Earlier, CAL allowed passengers to complete online registration and print boarding passes on their own, to help passengers cut counter-service time.

In order to better serve passengers, CAL further upgrade its e-service system at the new service counters inaugurated yesterday at the Songshan Airport. Under the system, passengers can register their passports, confirm flight schedules, check luggage weight, and complete the final luggage delivery, totally on their own.

Besides the new service counters, CAL also set up counters exclusively for use by the physically disabled and wheelchair users. Beside each such counter, there is a small box for passengers to put travel documents.

It’s expected that other airlines will follow the footsteps of CAL to introduce similar e-services at the Songshan Airport to help passengers complete the pre-boarding procedures as soon as possible.

Source: chinapost

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