Chinese Hurdler Falls (VIDEO)


Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang

Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang

This Olympics was supposed to go so differently for Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang.

Soundbite: Xing Li, visitor from Jiang Su, China saying: “I think everybody feels sorry about him.”

During the 110 meter heat, he failed to clear his first hurdle. His crash and images of him limping off the track were eerily reminiscent to the Beijing Olympics SOUNDBITE: Xuan Zhang, visitor From Heilong Jiang, China saying: ” I saw Liu fall over on the ground. I think he needs more rest or something. I think he will come better and the next Games or Olympic Games but I think he has done his best.”

Many had hoped Liu, who was forced to withdraw from the last games because of an injury, would make a comeback at this games. SOUNDBITE: Xing Li, visitor from China saying: “The opportunity for London 2012 is a very great opportunity and Liu Xiang is 29 years-old.”

Liu became a national hero after winning a Gold Medal in Athens. In China, news of a second Olympic disappointment reportedly overwhelmed several blogging sites and generated over 2 million posts.

Source: Reuters

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