Emirates airline advertises to hire 4,000 staff

Dubai-based Emirates airline is on a global hiring spree to attract international talent as it expands its fleet.

Emirates airline advertises to hire 4,000 staff

Emirates airline advertises to hire 4,000 staff

Emirates has advertised for 4,000 cabin crew jobs in order to meet staff needs for its growing fleet, according to a Bloomberg News report. Emirates has placed orders for 90 A380 superjumbos with 45,000 seats. Each A380 requires four pilots, 20 flight attendants and two washroom workers; while Boeing 777 requires 16 crew members.

The carrier aims to boost flight attendants by a third to 16,000 during the year through March, the news agency said.

The jobs have been advertised online on music provider Spotify.

The Dubai-based carrier offers $12,800 annual salary plus hourly flying pay, a fixed monthly cash sum, free housing and transport and annual payment from a profit-sharing plan; while BA offers $25,000 a year, before supplementary sums, it said.

The airline will hold 77 recruitment fairs through November 5, almost two per day, in various countries including Armenia, Paraguay, New Zealand and the UK. Crew must also be educated to at least high-school level, be able to stretch 2.12 meters (6 feet 11 inches) on tiptoe to reach emergency gear, and have “a positive attitude with the natural ability to provide excellent service working within a team environment, dealing with people from all cultures,” Bloomberg reported.

“We’ve growing rapidly and that presents a massive hiring challenge. Apple and Nike are aspirational brands and we like to think of ourselves as in that league. Your friends are going to think, wow, you’re working for them,” Emirates Advertising Manager Sardar Khan was quoted as saying by Bloomberg.


source: http://www.emirates247.com

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