Fly to The Place Where Largest Gold Treasure Was Found


Fly to The Place Where Largest Gold Treasure Was Found  -   Flights from Dubai to Thiruvananthapuram

Fly to The Place Where Largest Gold Treasure Was Found - Flights from Dubai to Thiruvananthapuram

Dubai International Airport (DXB) is a busy airport operating a number of flights to and from various points of the Globe. The airport provides car parking facility and various other helpful arrangements as any international airports would offer to  boarding travellers. You can buy your Dubai  Thiruvananthapuram flight tickets right at the Air Port.

There are 9 airlines operating flights from Dubai to Thiruvananthapuram and the flight tickets are obtainable from these airline companies, besides a number of travel agencies offering convenient and concessional packages for your travel in Dubai to Thiruvananthapuram flights.

There are about 16 flights with one stop , one or two non-stop flights on a normal day, and in all  33  flights for the whole week, operating from Dubai to Thiruvananthapuram.  The non-stop flights from Dubai to Thiruvananthapuram take  3 hrs 50 minutes to cover the travell.  Jet India has 3 one stop flights and Emirates has the most non-stop flights in this sector.  The shortest distance flight  on  Jet India is 1978 miles.

There are 62011 passenger seats available on a day for travel by Dubai to Thiruvananthapuram Flights.

The fares vary according to the flight timings, season and the days of advance booking, the cheapest around Rs 15159 and the costliest going up to Rs 46137 in some airlines, for Dubai to Thiruvananthapuram Flights travel.

Dubai Thiruvananthapuram Flight tickets are also sold for round trips, which are cheaper by 20%,  by various air  lines, and some of the Airline tickets are very competitive, for instance

•  Emirates  Airlines sell their non- stop round trip ticket at  Rs 29403 roughly.
•  Air India sells it around Rs 30012.
•  Jet Airways ,for a one stop flight, sell the round trip ticket at Rs 39991.
•  Qatar  charges for a similar round trip ticket Rs 52734.
•  Kingfisher sells round trip tickets around Rs 53345

As mentioned earlier, each of the above fares will vary according to the time and date of booking and the travel agents negotiable limits.

Emirates take special care for the travel of non-adult passengers between ages 12 and 15 and for assistance in this regard there are help desks at the airport.

The Dubai Airport Road takes you straight from the city centre to the bus stations situated between both the terminals and there are buses plying every 10 minutes.

Taxis are also available in plenty.

By Sophia Bush

Source: travel.ezinemark

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