Kansas airport fake bomb man held in jail

Kansas airport fake bomb man held in jail

Kansas airport fake bomb man held in jail

A man who tried to board a Southwest Airlines flight with materials that resembled bomb parts was ordered held without bond by a federal judge, authorities said.

Anthony Falco Junior, 47, faces two felony counts alleging he gave false and misleading statements about the contents of his carry-on bag so he could board the plane on Sunday, which was the 10th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Packages in the bag were wrapped and taped and contained wires, batteries and parts of cell phones and cameras that can simulate an improvised explosive device, FBI agent John Tucker testified at Falco’s detention hearing.

Falco warned authorities against opening the packages, saying they would have “a very bad day” if they did so, Tucker said in an affidavit.

Tucker said that Falco also appeared to mouth the words, “Father God, America is going to go down.”

Falco’s public defender, Laine Cardarella, said in court that Falco was alluding to a lawsuit, not a bomb; that he never claimed to have a bomb; and that none of the materials in his bag were illegal to have on a plane.

Prosecutor Justin Davids said Falco bought a one-way ticket with cash, which Cardarella said was because his car broke down and he was trying to fly home.

Falco’s mother said her son has been treated for mental illness and wasn’t taking his medication, authorities said.

But US Magistrate Judge Sarah Hays ordered Falco held without bond. No tests have been ordered to examine Falco’s mental or physical condition, authorities said.


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