Lufthansa A380 Miami Airport Flights Begin

Lufthansa A380 Miami Airport Flights Begin - Sky Today

Lufthansa A380 Miami Airport Flights Begin - Sky Today

Miami International Airport has become the fifth US hub to host a regular Airbus A380 flight service.

The era of Miami Airport A380 flights began on 10 June 2011, with the arrival of a Lufthansa aircraft which had earlier taken off from Frankfurt.

From now, Frankfurt-Miami A380 flights will occur on a daily basis and the creation of this service reflects the ability of the US hub to accommodate the world’s largest commercial aircraft. It’s only recently gained this ability with the addition of the new South Terminal, which was purpose-built for the role.

The new A380 flight route isn’t new, but it’s previously been flown by a Boeing 747-400 and the two flight number used before – LH 463 and LH462 – will be retained.

Lufthansa A380 Miami Airport Flights

Each Lufthansa A380 Miami Airport flight will transport up to 526 passengers in three classes, with Economy having a maximum capacity of 420, Business Class having 98 and First Class, eight. Lufthansa has confirmed in a press release that the present fare structure will remain in place, despite the change from the older Boeing to the newer Airbus.

Lufthansa is one of five airlines presently operating the A380, alongside Air France, Emirates, Qantas and launch customer Singapore Airlines, whose service was inaugurated in late 2007.

The A380 remains simply too large for many airports on several fronts – insufficient runway length, taxiway width and parking space being just three factors.

Miami Airport A380 Flights

The new South Terminal was made operational in summer 2007 and covers an area of 120,000 square metres. It features 26 gates, of which 15 are allotted to international services including the Miami Airport A380 flights. With the addition of this new service to the Lufthansa roster, the carrier’s weekly A380 flight total now boasts some pretty impressive statistics.

According to a statement issued by the Lufthansa earlier this year, it’s now supporting 84 A380 flights per week, covering a total distance of over 500,000 kilometres and transporting in excess of 44,000 passengers.

Miami International Airport handled upwards of 35m passengers in 2010. No other US airport handled more international flights and only one other site, JFK, handled more international passengers. Florida’s dominant airport, Miami is equipped with four runways, of which the longest extends to 13,000 feet.

Lufthansa A380 Miami Airport Flights Begin - Sky Today

Lufthansa A380 Miami Airport Flights Begin - Sky Today




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