Military Proposal: Photographer Seeks Newly-Engaged Mystery Couple (VIDEO)


A love story

A love story

Budding photographer Angila Golik was out practicing her favorite hobby the night of July 2 while visiting Washington, D.C. when she spotted a touching scene unfolding at the Washington War Memorial.

Golik, in town from Carson, Nev. for an education conference, spotted a couple standing right in the center of the lighted pavilion, and she wondered if the man was preparing to propose.

She was right, and before her eyes, he kneeled down and popped the question.

Golik snapped a few photos, hoping they would turn out. When she reviewed them on her computer back at her hotel, she decided “the photos belong to the couple,” she told HuffPost Weddings. She’s now attempting to find out who the newly-engaged pair is so she can give them the photos of their special moment.

She contacted Andrews Air Force Base about placing an ad with the photos in their newspaper, but without permission from the couple, the base can’t use the pictures.

“That is my goal,” she told HuffPost Weddings. “Find the couple and give them the photos of a magical night.”

If you know the couple pictured you can contact Golik at

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Source: Huffingtonpost

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