New Boarding Pass Debuts On & Airport Kiosks


New Boarding Pass Debuts On & Airport Kiosks

New Boarding Pass Debuts On & Airport Kiosks

If you’re traveling today be sure you’re on the lookout for the newly redesigned boarding pass! You’ll see it both on and at the self-service airport kiosks around the world.

Why the new design? It’s all for you! You’ll notice the design is more intuitive and easier to read, with your flight information more neatly organized. Now you can get all the boarding information you need by simply reading from left to right. Check it out:

We’d heard from many of you, as well as from our own airport employees, that finding the time you need to be at the gate was one of the most important features of the boarding pass. So, one of the major changes you’ll notice is the more prominently displayed and easier to findboarding times.

I’m sure you’ve noticed all the white space, too. We have plans for that in the months ahead! Soon be you’ll be able to use a single document for up to four flight segments – and that means no more looking for the right boarding pass on a multi-segment trip. Once those changes are made it will be easier for you to keep everything in one place, so stay tuned!

The redesigned boarding pass will be available at our ticket counters and airport gates soon. If you’re flying with us soon, please tell us what you think of the new boarding pass design. Even share a photo or comment with us on Twitter and Facebook  – we’d like to hear your feedback!

Rick E.

Product Manager, and self-service

Source: theairlinezone

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