Passengers Miss Flights As They’re Too Busy Shopping, Says NCR Corporation Study


Shops are distracting passengers with calamitous consequences

Shops are distracting passengers with calamitous consequences

Passengers are missing flights because they are too busy shopping or eating at airports, according to a survey.

More than three in five passengers buy duty-free items at airports, the poll by services company NCR Corporation found.

And around 2% admitted they have missed flights as they were shopping or eating, with 15% saying they nearly missed their plane.

Based on responses from 1,000 UK consumers, the survey showed that of those who shop at airports, 21% buy luxury goods or clothing, with 65% opting for books, newspapers or magazines, and 60% buying food and drink.

Despite the need to arrive up to two hours before their flight, consumers think retail feels rushed in the airport.

As many as 34% think they do not have enough time to find and visit all the stores and restaurants they are interested in.


Source: Huffingtonpost UK

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