Pelican, Dolphin Deaths Off Coast of Peru Remain a Mystery (VIDEO)


Pelican, Dolphin Deaths Off Coast of Peru Remain a Mystery

First dolphins, now pelicans. At least 1,200 dead birds have washed up along Peru’s coastline in recent weeks. MSNBC reports.

“Officials are unsure of the causes of this mysterious deaths but hundreds of dead pelicans are washing up on the shore where dead dolphins have been washing up for months”

The Peruvian government has issued a health alert along the northern coastline. They warned local officials to wear gloves, masks and other protective equipment while handling dead birds and animals.

The seabird’s deaths can be added to a growing list. Five sea lions, over 800 dolphins and a turtle have also been found on Peru’s beaches in recent months. The Huffington Post reports.

“It appears the animals have died onshore, rather than at sea. The carcasses have been found in the same place as those of 800 dead dolphins which washed up, bloodied and rotten in Lambayeque between January and April.”

According to Mother Jones magazine the pelicans are still dying. The cause of death remains a mystery.

“It’s possible the dolphins and pelicans have been killed by different problems. Take your pick: in the case of dolphins, acoustic impact or disease outbreak (though officials have recently denied morbillivirus); in the case of the pelicans, some suggest starvation.”

The health ministry will not close the beaches but people are advised to stay away until the health alert is lifted. BBC says the locals are getting concerned.

“Peru’s main holiday season is over, but the Pacific coast is still popular with surfers. Thousands of Peruvians also depend on the sea for their livelihoods.”


Source: Youtube


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