Plane Makes Emergency Landing at Karachi Airport


Plane Makes Emergency Landing at Karachi Airport - Sky Today

Plane Makes Emergency Landing at Karachi Airport - Sky Today

KARACHI: More than 100 passengers on-board an Islamabad-Karachi fight on Sunday escaped unhurt, as the plane of a private airline made an emergency landing here at Jinnah International Airport on Sunday.

The incident took place just two days after all the 127 passengers on board a plane of Bhoja Airlines flying to Islamabad from Karachi perished when it crashed few kilometers from Benazir International Airport.

According to reports, Boeing 737-400 of Shaheen Air caused a loud bursting sound as it touched the ground for landing at Karachi Airport and the plane tilted towards left.

Conflicting reports are being received about the plane’s fault. One report says the landing gear of the plane was broken on touchdown while the other report claims that the plane’s tyres burst at the moment they hit the ground.

According to the latest reports the plane in question leaned on its left wing that was touching the ground while technical team was at work to cool down its engine.

Teams of rescue services had also rushed to the scene to cope with any contingencies.

After the incident, one of the runways of the airport had to be closed for operations and meanwhile the flights used an alternative runway.

Later, at Lahore’s Allama Iqbal International Airport, another Shaheen Air plane had to be brought back seconds before takeoff after it was found out that it was leaking fuel.

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