Rare Snowfall Delights South Africans (VIDEO)


Rare Snowfall Delights South Africans

Rare Snowfall Delights South Africans

ROUGH CUT – NO REPORTER NARRATION An unusual snowfall blanketed most parts of South Africa’s commercial city of Johannesburg on Tuesday (August 7).

The last time snow made an appearance in the city was back in 2007, bringing it to a total of 12 times in the last 103 years according to the South African Weather Services. Excited South Africans who are used to sunny weather stopped their cars along the road to catch a glimpse of the rare snow fall.

“When I first saw the flakes I was at home, I couldn’t believe it because it hardly happens but before I heard everybody on Facebook speaking about it but now that I came, when I was coming by I saw everybody stopping their cars and so I am like let me stop as well and experience the snow,” said Johannesburg resident Adalberto Patricio. For many, they were seeing snow for the very first time. Though the snow is nothing compared to what European countries experience, it is more than most South Africans will ever get to see. ”

We are not used to such things it’s something that is very exciting for us, we are not used to so much snow. It’s just a little bit but we are not used to it. It is exciting.” said Nokwazi Skhakhane. Snow is expected to fall in many parts of the country until Wednesday.

Source: Reuters

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