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sAAve American Airlines - Sky Today

To everyone that travels or knows someone that does: 

Help us reinvent American Airllnes, keep it independent and make it an airline people love to fly and be a part of once again. Stop taking our customers for grAAnted.

The employees of American Airlines have endured deteriorating working conditions, wanton mismanagement  and runaway corporate greed for over a decade and are now facing devastating pay cuts and unprecedented layoffs.

Many loyal American Airlines passengers have been forced to look elsewhere as AA’s overall customer experience has failed to significantly improve and Innovation at the airline has fallen behind that of the competition.

We ask Judge Lane to carefully consider a selection of new leadership that has demonstrated an ability to turn around distressed companies in aviation and/or other industries that may be applied at American Airlines.

We also ask for job protection should divisions of American Airlines be sold to other carriers or in the event of a merger. It is essential that union leadership be included in any and all negotiations to ensure that the best interest of the American Airlines worker be considered.

General Motors is an excellent recent example of how, with the right hand-picked team in place, a company near the brink of extinction can make a complete turnaround. General Motors emerged from a federal bailout to announce on February 17th, 2012, their largest profit in their 103 year history of $7.6 billion.

J.C. Penney has been relaunched as JCP to rave reviews; now being led by former Apple executive Ron Johnson, who was responsible for developing Apple’s successful retail operation. Imagine what someone like Ron Johnson could do at a company like American Airlines.

We must put American Airlines on a new flight plan with a new leadership team made up of individuals with a proven track record of winning rather than years of compounded failures.

The workers of American are ready to stand with the right leadership to turn this airline around through ingenuity not suffering.

Let’s make American Airlines an airline that people love to fly once again!

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